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Quality in Action
It is important in fishing to use the best products available.
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Marquesa Pelagic
The most advanced reel for sailfishing ever built.
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Fin-Nor Marquesa
Setting the new trend, high tech meets high performance in our newest leverdrag
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Angler's Legacy I.G.F.A.

Since 1933, Fin-Nor has built world-class tackle to meet the demands of the most experienced anglers in the world. Innovations in the use of new materials and new designs, created spicifically for the new, more successful fishing techniques, have given anglers more opportunities to boat the fish of a lifetime.

In 2014, Fin-Nor continues on a course set by a legacy of the greatest fishing tackle ever built, and with a partnership commitment to the men and women in search of the next world record catch.

More Than 900 I.G.F.A. World Records. . .So Far.
The Fin-Nor brand did not gain legendary status because of the men who took it to battle, but because of the battles they won using their skills and determination and, of course, a Fin-Nor reel. More than 900 times, so far, a fisherman has pulled a record fish from the ocean using a Fin-Nor reel. This is our true legacy.

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• After 100 IGFA World Records on Fin-Nor, Miami’s Dennis Triana Wonders What’s Next