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Fin-Nor: The Legacy Years
by Bruce Matthews & Ed Pritchard

The Fin-Nor story is one of enormous fishes, exotic places, legendary characters and mechanical wizardry. Celebrated as the "Rolls Royce of Big Game Fishing Reels," Fin-Nor emerged in the 1930's out of the hotbed of Miami's emerging fishing scene, setting an amazing 381 World Big Game Fishing Records, including the largest Black Marlin and Swodfish ever caught on rod and reel.

But Fin-Nor: The Legacy Years is more than the history of the reel that became known as the "Gold Standard" of saltwater reels. It's the tale of a "perfect storm" of circumstances that leads to Fin-Nor's development out of an obscure Miami boat engine repair shop. Miami in the '30's was a crucible for new ideas in fishing, driven by the discovery of Gigantic and heretofore uncatchable tuna and marlin just across the Florida straights at Bimini. Sportsman-conservationists fueld the pursuit, and literary legends like Ernest Hemingway and Zane Grey publicized it.

Fin-Nor's story is a fascinating slice of time from a bygone era with appeal for anglers and non-anglers alike. Meticulously researched and compellingly shared, outdoor journalist Bruce Matthews and antique tackle collector Ed Pritchard take us on a journey alongside legendary anglers in their quest for a reel that would help them capture the largest fishes the world has ever seen.

As you will read, holding a Fin-Nor reel in their hands today, an angler or collector is connected to a vibrant legacy evolved through the vision and determination of many of the greatest big game anglers and conservationists – women and men – the world has ever known.