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FinNor Offshore

Fin-Nor's beginnings go back to the glory days of big game fishing, when angling greats such as Ernest Hemingway, Tommy Gifford and Alfred Glassel, Jr. were expanding the sport's horizons. The brand was born in a Miami machine shop owned by Mr. Finley and Mr. Norwood, where they produced their first big game reel in 1933. It weighed 35 pounds and was large enough to fill a sizable water bucket. Capt. Tommy Gifford, collaborator on the reel design, caught a 527-pound bluefin tuna at Cat Cay on his reel, and Fin-Nor took off from there.

Fin-Nor's reputation for quality increased with the record catch of Alfred Glassell, Jr.'s 1,560-pound black marlin in Cabo Blanco, Peru in 1953. Caught during the filming of Hemingway's Old Man and The Sea, this remains the largest black marlin on record with the International Game Fish Association, and is just one of more than 900 world records listed with the I.G.F.A. taken with Fin-Nor tackle.

Under the ownership of the W.C. Bradley corporation, owners of other avid fishing brands such as Van Staal and Quantum PT, Fin-Nor's heritage of fine craftsmanship and unmatched durability continues. The legacy of big game fishing is alive and stronger than ever at Fin-Nor.

Aimara (jeju) All-Tackle 1 lb 8 oz Rio Tapera, Amazon, Brazil Feb. 1, 2003 Martin Arostegui Fin-Nor #3
Coney All-Tackle 1 lb 0 oz Key West, Florida, USA Feb. 1, 2003 David Pesi Fin-Nor 8A
Croaker, yellowfin All-Tackle 5 lb 8 oz East Cape, Mexico May 22, 2001 Jay Wright, Jr. Fin-Nor S400
Grouper, convict (mahata) All-Tackle 19 lb 9 oz Zenisu, Shizuoka, Japan Apr. 16, 1995 Osamu Hida Fin Nor 12-20 Light
Jack, black All-Tackle 39 lb 9 oz Isla Roca Partida, Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico Apr. 13, 1995 Calvin Sheets Fin-Nor 50
Jobfish, lavender All-Tackle 5 lb 1 oz Zenisu, Shizuoka, Japan May 6, 1995 Yoshihide Tatsumi Fin Nor 12-20 Light
Mackerel, Pacific sierra All-Tackle 18 lb 0 oz Salinas, Ecuador Sept. 15, 1990 Luis Flores A. Finnor 6/0
Marlin, black All-Tackle 1560 lb 0 oz Cabo Blanco, Peru Aug. 4, 1953 Alfred Glassell, Jr. Fin Nor 12/0
Marlin, blue (Pacific) All-Tackle 1376 lb 0 oz Kaaiwi Point, Kona, Hawaii, USA May 31, 1982 Jay de Beaubien Finnor 12/0
Matrincha All-Tackle 1 lb 0 oz Rio Tapera, Amazon, Brazil Jan. 31, 2003 Martin Arostegui Fin-Nor #3
Medai (Japanese Butterfish) All-Tackle 11 lb 7 oz Niijima, Tokyo, Japan June 23, 1996 Yoshihide Tatsumi Fin Nor 12-20 Light
Nembwe All-Tackle 6 lb 9 oz Tiger Camp, Zambezi River, Zambia Aug. 28, 1994 Skip Nielsen Fin Nor Bonefish
Palometa All-Tackle 1 lb 4 oz Key Largo, Florida, USA Sept. 22, 2001 David Pesi Fin-Nor S-300
Pikeminnow, Sacramento All-Tackle 6 lb 15 oz Kaweah River, California, USA Aug. 31, 2002 Hayden Marlow Fin-Nor S-100
Pinook All-Tackle 14 lb 8 oz Garden River, Sault Ste Marie, Canada Sept. 23, 1997 Larry Cory FIn-Nor #2
Porgy, saucereye All-Tackle 1 lb 8 oz Marquesas Keys, Florida, USA Jan. 18, 2003 David Pesi Fin-Nor 8A
Puddingwife All-Tackle 3 lb 8 oz Key West, Florida, USA Apr. 26, 2003 David Pesi Fin-Nor 8
Puffer, prickly All-Tackle 11 lb 0 oz Grand Bereby, Ivory Coast Nov. 27, 1998 Patrick Sebile Fin-Nor Ahab 20
Seatrout, silver All-Tackle 1 lb 2 oz Banana River, Florida, USA Aug. 6, 2005 Dave Chermanski Fin-Nor (non-specific)
Shad, hickory All Tackle (tie) 2 lb 3 oz Narragansett, Rhode Island, USA Oct. 29, 2004 Paul Goscinski Fin-Nor (non-specific)
Sierra, Atlantic All-Tackle 12 lb 12 oz Golfo de Venezuela, Maracaibo, Venezuela Oct. 4, 1984 Gustavo Nava Fin Nor 2 1/2-0
Snapper, ruby All-Tackle 29 lb 12 oz Spratly Island, Labuan, Sabah, Malaysia May 12, 2002 Chan Guang Fin-Nor Ahab 30
Swordfish All-Tackle 1182 lb 0 oz Iquique, Chile May 7, 1953 Louis Marron Fin Nor 12/0
Tamameichi All-Tackle 6 lb 2 oz Yonaguni Island, Okinawa, Japan July 18, 1999 Kiyotaka Osakabe Fin-Nor 12/20
Threadfin, giant African All-Tackle 109 lb 5 oz Barra do Kwanza, Angola Jan. 17, 1999 Marco da Silva Couto Fin-Nor Ahab 50W
Wrasse, humphead Maori All-Tackle 43 lb 10 oz Platt Island, Seychelles Apr. 4, 1997 Vincent Hock Boon Fin-nor Ahab 12
Yellowtail, Asian All-Tackle 40 lb 5 oz Chichijima, Ogasawara, Tokyo, Japan Nov. 22, 1997 Osamu Kamimiyata Fin Nor Light 10-20
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