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Fin-Nor Customer Support

It is the goal of Fin-Nor and W.C. Bradley Co./Zebco Holdings to provide you with the very best customer service possible. However, not all products previously manufactured under the name Fin-Nor will continue to be supported from either a new build or service stand point.

When sending your product to Fin-Nor for service, the following information is required for processing:
1. Provide your Name and Address, Telephone Number, and E-Mail Address
2. Properly package the product so there is no further damage during shipping
3. Insure the package and send it pre-paid to the Authorized Service Center in your area.

All packages should be shipped to one of our Authorized Service Centers in your area. Should a service center not be located in your area, please e-mail our Customer Service department for specific directions on how you can obtain service and/or parts for your Fin-Nor product.

For a list of Fin-Nor Authorized Service Centers, click HERE

To order parts on line, click HERE.


You are important to us both as a past and future Fin-Nor customer. Please do not hesitate to contact Fin-Nor Customer Service with any questions you may have regarding your products. here is our contact information:

E-MAIL: (click here)
PHONE: (toll-free) 800-588-9030
(Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST)
ADDRESS: Fin-Nor Customer Service, 6105 E. Apache, Tulsa, OK 74115


For New-Item Returns Policy, CLICK HERE
For Fin-Nor Shipping Policy, CLICK HERE
For Product Return Form, CLICK HERE

Have an idea for submission? CLICK HERE

Support programs ARE available on these previously manufactured products (contact Consumer Relations for infomation): FIN-ITE / FIN-ITE II: 23CL - 1012

Warranty and Repair Service IS offered on all Ahab and Inshore reels manufactured by W.C. Bradley Co./Zebco Holdings. If your new Ahab or Inshore reel has a serial number equal to or greater than those listed below [manufactured after July (G) 2006 (6)], full service is available.

Ahab MegaLite
AS08 - G600109 ML2000 - G7 0001-00504
AS12 - G600109 ML2000 - G7 0001-00504
AS16 - G600109 ML2000 - G7 0001-00504
AS20 - G600109

Products no longer supported:
AHAB: 8A, 12A, 16A, 20A, LD12 - LD80-2
PRIMEO: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000
ESTIMA: ES50UL, ES100 - ES600
FIN-ITE: F201 - F304
FIN-NOR LITE: S50UL, S100 - S600
QUESTLITE: QL1000 - QL4000
INSHORE: ISX2000 - ISX6000
STEEL RIVER: SR1000 - SR4000
TYCOON: TYS7-1 through TYS7-4, TYS5-100 through TYS5-400